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Volunteers are a vital aspect of our musicians' endeavors.  Our volunteers are gifted with, not only a front row seat, but the incredible opportunity to experience the dedication and hard work that each of our performing artists invest into their performances.  Watching them strive to reach for their goals and dreams from the front lines, and directly supporting them is an incredibly rewarding experience.  More details on the volunteer positions can be found below.  We appreciate your interest!

Our Volunteer Opportunities

The listed below contains a brief overview of each of the events that we will need volunteers to help us run smoothly and successfully.  More detailed information can be found in our full review of volunteer positions.

Sponsorships & Donations

To maintain successful relationships with our sponsors and donors and create new ones, we need volunteers to reach out to our current partners and potentials.

Mile High Marching Band Festival

This event is our opportunity to extend Prescott's hospitality to participating Marching Bands throughout Arizona.  We need all hands on deck for this major event!  We have numerous positions to fill, both large and small.  Find each of the positions listed in our Volunteer 

Italian Dinner & Silent Auction

This event is our biggest fundraising event of the year!  We need your help to pull everything together and create a fun night of fine dining and entertainment that ensures we earn the funds we need to keep our students uniforms, instruments, and much more are well-cared for.

Festival Crew

The Festival Crew follows the Pride of Prescott Marching Band to festivals throughout Arizona helping to ensure that they are well cared for, and have all of the necessities they need to perform at the top of their abilities.

Football Crew

Our Football Crew helps with snack sales, raffles, and more at our Prescott High School Badgers home games!  Come out and enjoy the fun atmosphere while helping our musical department as well!

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